What Products Do We Offer?

Delta 8, Delta 10, Delta 9 THC & THC-O Products We Offer:
Our delta 8 THC edibles are available in:
15 mg Gummy Bears
20 mg gummies
40 mg Sour Gummy Worms
75 mg Fruit Slices
Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC gummies available! 
Pre-Rolled Delta 8 flower
Disposable Vapes (1 gram):
  • Watermelon Kandy Kush Delta 8
  • Guava Purp Delta 8
  • Blue Kandy Kush Delta 8 + Delta 10
  • Wedding Cake Delta 10 Hybrid
  • Ecto Cooler Delta 10 Sativa
  • Berry Gelato THC-O Indica
  • Girl Scout Cookie THC-O Hybrid
Delta 10 is great for an uplifting effect to get you going & focused. It is also useful for managing anxiety. 
Delta 8 THC is more of a relaxing feeling. We encourage people to use it for pain relief & lack of appetite. 
THC-O is brand new to the market! It is said to be 3 times stranger than Delta 9 THC! Use sparingly until you know how your body will process it.
CBD Products We Offer:
Gelcaps are great for people who want to ingest a controlled dose or do not like the taste of the MCT hemp oil. Because gelcap have to make their way through the digestive system, it is wise to wait at least an hour for the full effect. A healthy liver is required to be able to process the CBD gelcap, which is another consideration when deciding between gelcap, tinctures & topicals.
MCT Hemp Oil
Many people have found that our MCT oil has an energizing effect. This energizing effect can be amplified when adding to a warm drink containing caffeine. Our MCT oil can be added to drinks & smoothies or taken orally. The MCT hemp oil is a great option for people who have difficulty swallowing pills, don't mind or enjoy the taste, are looking for faster absorption or are seeking the energizing effect of the MCT oil. The energizing effect may be amplified when the body is in fasting mode, so be aware before taking the oil on an empty stomach before bed. 
Soothing Salve
Our salve is a remedy for sore muscles & joint pain, as well as dry & irritated skin. There are 3 active ingredients in the salve: Camphor oil provides a warming effect, homeopathic Arnica oil that helps alleviate soreness & CBD to help with pain & inflammation. Sweet almond, avocado, coconut & jojoba oils provide excellent glide & moisturization. Applying the salve topically bypasses the digestive system, which can lead to more immediate effectiveness. 
The lozenges are small pieces of hard candy that make a great addition to a regular CBD regimen. The lozenges tend to have a nice, calming effect. They are certified vegan & gluten-free. 
Body Butter 

Provide your skin with the ultimate moisturization and protection with this rich blend of shea butter, jojoba oil and antioxidant-packed hemp extract.  Each 4 ounce jar contains 200mg of high-quality full-spectrum CBD.

  •      This premium formulation is absorbed quickly and easy to spread

  •      Contains antioxidant-rich hemp extract with CBD and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E

  •      Also contains shea butter: a sumptuous moisturizer and protector of dry &      mature skin

  •      Rich in essential oils of frankincense, sandalwood, rose, vetiver and more

Eye Cream

Defy time with the antioxidant power of full-spectrum hemp extract. This luxurious blend will moisturize, tonify & rejuvenate skin for a smoother, healthier appearance.

  • Luxurious formulation leaves the skin hydrated, toned & revitalized

  • Contains anti-oxidant-rich hemp extract with CBD & vitamins, A, B, C, D & E

  • Also contain nurturing & rejuvenating calendula extract

  • Rich in essential oils of frankincense, sandalwood, rose, vetiver & more!

Pain-Relieving Lotion

Experience the ultimate solution for aches, pains & sore muscles with this potent & fast-acting blend of full-spectrum hemp & arnica extracts.

  • Maximum strength formulation for instant relief of pain & inflammation

  • contains 200 mg of pain-relieving CBD

  • Also contains anti-inflammatory arnica, turmeric & white willow extracts

  • Rich in essential oils of frankincense, sandalwood, rose, vetiver & more!

  • Erases pain with cooling menthol, wintergreen * eucalyptus extracts

VitaDreamz are a soft chew designed specifically for people with sleep troubles. This all natural soft chew has a hint of melatonin, 5 mg CBD, 5-HTP, L-Theanine, GABA & chamomile to help your brain slow down & find a restful sleep cycle. Fall asleep faster, get to a deeper sleep & stay there longer with VitaDreamz. Also available in sublingual tincture.
RELAX Gummy Bears
Our gummy bears are infused with 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. These great-tasting treats are a fantastic alternative to MCT oils & gelcaps. Our gummy bears promote relaxation & general well-being.
Breath Sprays
We have 4 different CBD breath sprays to offer: Mental Focus, Stress Relief, Energy Boost & Deeper Sleep. All of the breath sprays are delightfully flavored for an amazing taste & extraordinary results.
Giraffe Nuts
CBD infused chocolate truffles? YES, PLEASE! Gourmet chocolate & creamy caramel are infused with 30 mg of broad spectrum CBD to create a magical truffle. These work wonderfully for aches, pains & headaches.
CBD for Pets

Just as we have the tincture & lozenges for people, we also carry tincture & treats for pets. Ease your pets' anxiety or just help them be more comfortable as their joints & bones age.

Everyone who works at Don's Humidor uses our products daily. Feel free to ask us what we use & how we use it. We are more than happy to share our experiences with you.