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We sell our coffees in 1 lb & 1/2 lb increments.

1 pound (16 oz) of coffee will make 128 brewed cups of coffee.

One half pound (8 oz) of coffee will make 64 brewed cups of coffee. 

All of our coffees are whole bean & we will grind specifically for you at no extra charge.


African Queen- A medium roasted bean harvested right out of the Congo. Lower acidity with a note of fruitiness. $22.50 lb. or $12.00 1/2 lb.

Colombian Supremo - Truly one of the world's finest coffees. You will find it extremely rich & aromatic, yet mild in flavor. It has an excellent body with pleasant sharpness & slight wine-like overtones. $22.50 lb. or $12.00 1/2 lb.

Colombian Fair Trade Organic - Responsibly sourced & roasted, this premium coffee is smooth & aromatic with hints of nuts & a silky finish. $22.50 lb. or $12.00 1/2 lb.

Cowboy Coffee - A hardy, robust cup just like the real cowboys made at the campfire. $22.50 lb. or $12.00 1/2 lb.

French Chicory - A root that is used to add body & strength to your coffee. A necessity for any Louisiana-style coffees. 4 oz $4.00 (Ask for availability)

Hill Country Blend - A unique blend of Viennese roast, with Colombian beans, and topped with a hint of nutty chocolate. A good mid-morning cup. $22.50 lb. or $12.00 1/2 lb.

Kenya AA - A snappy, winey cofee awaits you in this cup. Produced on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, between 4,000 & 6,000 ft. in altitude, these beans are high density, assuring brightness in the cup. $22.50 lb. or $12.00 1/2 lb.

Jamaican Blue Mountain - Finally back on our shelves! A light-roasted bean, grown at high altitudes, from the most exclusive coffee estates in Jamaica.  $87.15 lb. $43.75 1/2 lb. or

$22.00 1/4 lb.

Kona Hawaii - Hawaii's most exclusive bean! An estate coffee, grown in volcanic soil at high altitudes, makes for a luxurious cup of coffee. Medium roasted with little acidity, a real treat!  $88.75 lb. $44.50 1/2 lb. or $22.75 1/4 lb.

LaMinita - This rare plantation coffee has a unique flavor distinctive to it alone. Grown at an altitude of 4,000 to 7,000 ft. and producing only 750 bags per year making this coffee both rare & delightful. $27.75 lb. or $14.00 1/2 lb.


Amaretto Colombia - *Almond Amaretto* Only the finest Colombian coffees are used. This classic after-dinner liqueur, made from the meat of almonds, flavors this grand coffee.

$21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.


Angel's Mist - A Coconut lover's coffee - coconut & chocolate flavor the beans, which as dusted with cocoa powder. $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.

Banana Nut Creme- Just like dunking freshly baked banana bread right into your cup!

$21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.

Black Russian- Yummy Arabica beans are flavored with coffee liqueur & milk chocolate.  Not just an evening indulgence anymore! $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.

Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble - Blueberries & cinnamon partner for the flavor of a just-baked tart. $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.

Double Vanilla Cream - If you enjoy the intensity of vanilla, you will love the double excitement of this flavor. $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.

Hawaiian Macadamia Nut - You will dream of the islands with this blend of large coconut flakes & macadamia nuts. $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.

Kentucky Bourbon- Enjoy bourbon in your coffee anytime with this non-alcoholic version! Just like a shot in your coffee without the buzz! $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb. 

Salted Caramel Latte - Sweet & salty & surprisingly tasty! $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.


Snickerdoodle - Colombian bean. Hazelnuts, cinnamon & Frangelico flavorings are added while the beans are still warm from roasting. $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.

Southern Pecan- The finest 100% Colombian coffee blended with luscious southern pecans & the purest flavoring. Scrumptious! $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.


Toffee Crunch - The sweet yet subtle taste of sticky toffee makes this an excellent coffee. We have added a hint of smooth creme to enhance the flavor. An anytime treat! $21.50 lb.

or $11.00 1/2 lb.

Vermont Maple Nut Crunch - You will be reminded of Grandma's hotcakes with the sweet taste of Vermont maple & a hint of nuts. $21.50 lb. or $11.00 1/2 lb.

DECAF COFFEE (ask for availability)

Mexican FTO - Unflavored, medium-roasted breakfast coffee. Fair-trade organic beans have been responsibly sourced & roasted. $23.00 lb. or $12.00 1/2 lb.

Snickerdoodle - Colombian bean. Hazelnuts, cinnamon & Frangelico flavorings are added while the beans are still warm from roasting. $23.00 lb. or $12.00 1/2 lb.

Be sure to ask what our flavor of the month is!!

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