Blackberry Brandy - Mellow, nutty Burleys & sweet Virginias are highlighted by the sweet fruitiness of blackberries & the tang of brandy.


Bourbon ‘Nilla - Fire-cured Cavendish with a bourbon flavor, topped with a vanilla base. Somewhat dry & aromatic.


Brazos King - A blend of toasted Cavendish, Burleys & golden Virginias. Medium dry & moderately aromatic. Zesty flavor gets better as you smoke it all day long.


Burley Light - Fine Burley leaf at its perfection. The characteristic bite of Burley has been reduced without losing the taste. Quite dry & easy to keep lit.


Champagne - This highly aromatic blend of tobaccos is light on the palate & has a low tar & nicotine content. Smokes dry & doesn’t bite.


Cherry Cavendish - Fire-cured Cavendish, pressed & fermented, with a double-dose of cherry. Dry & highly aromatic.

Creme Brulee - A true baker's classic blended into Burleys, Virginias & Black Cavendish. Vanilla, caramel & honey make this a classic treat!

Don’s Own - Fine Burley leaf base with a toasted Cavendish. The characteristic bite of Burley has been reduced, while empowering this blend with fine, light vanilla aroma. Quite dry & easy to keep lit.


Early Darkness - Fire-cured vanilla flavored Cavendish. This tobacco is rather wet, but is highly aromatic. Good for blending. Slow-burning, cool smoke.


English Luxury #17 - An English tobacco with Latakia & Perique offers a robust mixture for the experienced smoker, or a nice change of pace for the aromatic devotee.


Highland Whiskey - A more traditional English tobacco with the added flavor of whiskey. A nice, robust smoking tobacco.


Hunter - A highly aromatic blend of tobaccos; champagne flavor with a vanilla base.


Isle of Skye - Golden Cavendish is blended with earthy, dark, fire-cured Cavendish. A touch of vanilla is added for flavor. Somewhat wet & highly aromatic. Great for the first time smoker.


Nougat - Black Cavendish blended with Burleys & topped with nougat flavoring from France. Dry & aromatic.


PH 36 - Blend of Cavendish tobaccos, topped off with cherry & vanilla flavorings.


Proper English - Old belt Virginias & Orientals combined with Latakia. A distinctive English/ Balkan blend produces a very sharp & full-bodied smoke.


Ram - Golden Cavendish & a hint of fire-cured, earthy, black Cavendish. A subtle flavor of vanilla is light on the palate & in the air. Fairly dry & aromatic.


Strawberry Delight - If you like strawberry shortcake, you’ll love this blend! A superb combo of Burley, Virginias & black Cavendish flavored with confectionary favorites: chocolate, vanilla, praline & of course, strawberry.


Sunset Rum - A unique black Cavendish; pressed, ribbon-cut Virginias & burley, punctuated with rum & vanilla with just a hint of caramel.


Vanilla Custard - Nothing, epitomizes vanilla more than this mixture of Burley, Virginia & Black Cavendish. Vanilla flavor creates the soft sweetness and fruity character. Rich in contrast, with the perfect balance of aroma.


Virginia Baby - A blend of the finest matured golden Virginia tobaccos, enhanced by a subtle aromatic fragrance.


Voodoo Queen - A belief in magic is not a prerequisite for enjoying this unique English blend of Mocha slices, Latakia & Perique.


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