Bedtime Herbal - Orange & lemon peels give a little extra flavor to the soothing combination of hibiscus, rosehips & chamomile to give a calming effect right before crawling into bed.


Blackberry Cassis - This tea combines sun-ripened, wild blackberries, a harvest of rich, black currants & a sultry black tea. Its pale infusion belies the deep & haunting tones of this sophisticated & mellifluous drink, whose ending note is lingering & wine-like. Uniquely elegant!


Cherry Blossom - Brighten your day with the blossoms of delightfully ripe, sweet cherries without the sugar!


Cinnamon Orange - This China black tea is flavored with orange peel, cloves & cinnamon. The combination of these flavors creates a syrupy, rich blend.


Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea - A green tea, rolled into pellets. A bright cup, with at least as much caffeine as black tea.


Earl Grey - Infused with oil of bergamot, an eastern citrus fruit. I deal for any hour of the day.


Ginger Peach - Sweet peaches enhanced with spicy ginger, blue flowers & botanical blooms.


Herbal Raspberry Hibiscus- Tart raspberries are mixed with sweet hibiscus flowers. Great hot or over ice!

Keemun English Breakfast Tea- The original, traditional English breakfast tea. Rich & mellow, a full-bodied blend. A favorite for starting the day.

Luscious Lemon Tea- Beautiful black tea leaves are kissed with tart, fresh-squeezed lemons to create this completely natural tea.

Rooibos Tea- Commonly known as 'red tea', this herbal tea brews up to make a beautiful red color with a rich & nutty flavor.

Strawberry Lemonade Tea - Sweet strawberries & tart lemons are mixed together with silky black tea to make the ultimate summertime iced tea!


Tropicana - An exotic delight. The zest of sweet tropical fruits- kiwi, passion fruit, mango & lime- combine with a dazzling black tea & an explosion of yellow & blue blossoms. Brewed hot or splashed over ice, this quenching tea brings the flavor of the tropics right to your lips!


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