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Frequently Asked Questions about CBD

Will CBD get me high?

Ours won't. The "high" many people experience when ingesting cannabis comes from the THC cannabinoid. All of our products are derived from a proprietary strain of hemp that is very low THC. Our hemp is tested to ensure the THC level is less than 0.3% of the total product volume. Even. though trace amounts of THC may exist, there is not enough in our products to produce an effect of intoxication.

Will I fail a drug test?

All full-spectrum CBD products contain trace amounts of THC. Federal law mandates that the amount of THC must be less than 0.3% of the total product. All of our products are tested multiple times & are federally compliant. Unless you consume an unusually high dosage (>2000mg) on a daily basis, research suggests that it is extremely unlikely you will fail a drug test. Although the risk is low, individual biochemistry, the possibility of conversion on cannabinoids & the possibility of trace, but legal, amounts of THC inherent in hemp products, we strongly suggest consulting your healthcare provider before consuming any hemp products if you are subject to drug testing. 

Is it legal?

Yes. CBD is legal in the state of Texas, effective June 2019. 

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